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How to Donate/Donation Restrictions
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20th Apr 2013

Before Continuing, ask your parent/guardian if under the age of 18 if it's alright to donate to Ultimate Survival, a Minecraft Server.
1. View Donation packages and detailed information at /warp donate in Ultimate Survival.
2. See what interests you.
3. Tell the Owner, prilli, that you are interested in donating.
4. If he approves of your request, simply make a paypal at
5. Link a Credit/Debit/Gift Card to your Paypal, and finish your account setup.
6. Click Send Money
7. Enter the email,, Ultimate Survival's Email.
8. Enter the amount you would like to donate.
9. Select Payment reason, and select Gift.
10. Complete the payment, and notify the Owner that you donated, he will then verify that you did so, and you will recieve your rewards.
11. Bask in your epic rewards!
Forum » MC Forums » Donation Help
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