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Ultimate Survival is a PVP server owned by Prilli, an owner of a previous server. Ultimate Survival has PVP in the Over World and PVP in the Nether and The End. The server offers a great staff, 24/7 (99.9% up time), PVP Arena, Player heads (if you kill a player in the PVP arena you are granted their head!), and much more. Random activities will happen when the staff wants to including Drop Parties, Lotteries, Zombie Invasions, Nether Invasions, Mayor Elections, Promotions, Daily Questions and PVP Tournaments. Unlike most server we accept people of all ages but we don't tolerate immaturity.Featured Plugins:
-ZombieSurvival[Nazi Zombies]
-Area Protect
More Info:
The Server is hosted by Exodus Hosting.
For more info on Exodus Hosting please go to their website here, or click this link:

If you need to ask any questions while on the server please ask the builders on the server, if you know that they can not answer your question you may ask the staff of the server.

-Owner: Prilli
-Co-Owner: xDreamOfStormsx
-Manager: Grant (Grant1499)
-HeadAdmin: Pinkskull20
-Admin: Dawson (dawson37), Crimsn_Wolf, Cegal_Alex, Copperegl
-Moderator: Noodle748
-Head Of Staff: El_Grim
Forum » MC Forums » Basic Server Info
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